Sunacrip is an autonomous, regulatory and supervisory entity of all the activities inherent and derived from the development of the Integral Cryptoassets System in accordance with the Homeland Plan with a revolutionary digital government based on blockchain.


To carry out the activities and fulfill the purpose based on the principles of financial inclusion, promotion and innovation, universality, protection of users, common good, co-responsibility, preservation of financial stability, prevention of illegal operations, technological security and simplification of procedures.


Digital Mining Management
and Associated Processes

It regulates, controls and supervises the activity of digital mining in Venezuela. Its main competences are:

  • Coordinate and supervise records of digital miners.
  • Issue and revoke permits and licenses for the exploitation of the activity.
  • Authorize national and foreign subjects to operate in Venezuela.

Management for the Promotion
and Development of Cryptoassets
and Related Activities

It is responsible for contributing to the integral development of the nation by promoting the adoption, use, training, research and extension of distributed registry technologies and related technologies, both in the sector and in territorial spheres. It uses the National Motor Projects as a central articulation and promotion methodology of national needs and capacities.

Management of Crypto-Financial Services

It regulates, controls, plans, coordinates and develops all financial operations for the exchange of capital available in cryptoassets, through distributed networks. It is in charge of providing licenses for:

  • Exchanges.
  • OTC or payment gateways.
  • Gamification.
  • Administration of capital in crypto.
  • Crypto-financial services.
  • Crypto traders certificate

of Audit

It guarantees the compliance with the Regulatory Framework established by SUNACRIP through the inspection and control of the activities carried out by the actors that make up the SIC (Integral Cryptoassets System). By complying with the regulations you will be able to:

  • Avoid disturbances when carrying out the corresponding activities.
  • Contribute to the strengthening and growth of the SIC.
  • Implement best practices to protect the end user against any type of fraud.
  • Reduce operating costs with the platform and the services offered by SUNACRIP.
Mapa de Venezuela - Sunacrip


Avenida Urdaneta, Esquina de Veroes, Edificio Sede, Caracas, Venezuela.

Contact number

0800-SUNACRIP (0800-78622747)

Cryptoassets and their associated technologies as driving force of national development