Petro: at the forefront of the economy of the future


Since 2018, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has a strong, reliable, transparent and inclusive system that will allow its economy a digital revolution rooted in new technological trends of the world. Petro is a high-level digital economic revolution and is a tool available to the entire world as a liberation mechanism of the traditional financial system and the hegemonic attempts of the great powers that want to subdue other nations under the schemes of economic and financial domination.

Since its beginning, Petro has fought against attacks national and internationally, with sanctions and a discrediting campaign both internally and externally to the nation. But it is clear that Petro has the strength and reliability of its economic and financial structure, as an effective mechanism to confront the attacks that the Economic War generates in the Venezuelan population.

In this way, the Petro Savings Plan, for example, had positive results for the population, reaffirming the protective nature of the local economy and the protection of most vulnerable population groups in the nation.

Petro is a digital economic revolution placed at the service of Venezuela and the world. Its economic and social impact has just begun.